52 Upper Street
London, England N1 0QH

Training type: SEO Workshop
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Instructor: Alan Perkins, SilverDisc Limited

A Web site's information architecture and technical architecture are critical to its success in natural search results - and are important elements of paid search success, too. We'll be looking at issues like:

* Dynamic URLs & dynamic content
* Redirects
* JavaScript
* Frames
* Cookies
* 404 Handlers
* Linkage problems
* robots.txt files and robots meta tags
* Multiple languages, domains and sub-domains
* Canonicalisation and normalisation
* Duplicate content issues
* Search engine spam and how to avoid it

Official Website: http://searchenginestrategies.com/london/training.html#site-architecture

Added by SES on December 11, 2008