2200 2nd Ave
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Seattle, WA – Live Nation welcomes Sister Hazel to the Crocodile Cafe on Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 9:30 p.m.

Start to finish, Absolutely is the latest and best-realized Sister Hazel record to date. The affirmative overtones of the title only serve to underscore the pride the band justly feels with the end result. “In the most non-egotistical way possible, I feel this is the best record we’ve ever made,” says rhythm guitarist/vocalist Drew Copeland. Concurs bassist Jett Beres: “We’re journeymen and we’ve focused on creating a cathartic experience for our fans. We want our fans to feel what we’re feeling, so the lyrics are really important.” Equally important is capturing that elusive live show magic, and Beres feels that they’ve succeeded in coming closer to doing that. “This record captures our live show vibe well. From the blues-rock guitar underpinnings of the bouncy “Shame” to the simplicity of the piano-driven “This Kind of Love,” the album is chock full of a variety of aural emotions and colors.
With fan interaction so important to all of the band members, it is certainly understandable that Sister Hazel is equally serious about the charity work that they do. The band has raised over half a million dollars through concerts and silent auctions of handwritten lyrics held to benefit the Lyrics for Life charity they founded: funds raised go to help children and adults battling cancer. The group hosts five to six events per year, where Sister Hazel and artists like Elton John, the Beastie Boys, Jessica Simpson, Tim McGraw, Stone Temple Pilots, Barenaked Ladies, Aerosmith, Kid Rock, R.E.M., and many more have assisted in the Lyrics for Life cause.
Whether you call it roots rock or American rock, the music Sister Hazel makes is definitely not alternative or modern rock; they are not emo, screamo, anything-core or flavor-of-the-moment. Their music is solid and satisfying, comfortable and easy, like old friends and family. Absolutely perfect and absolutely Sister Hazel.

Tickets are $15.00 and go on sale Friday, December 22 at 10:00 a.m. at all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster.com or hob.com, or charge by phone (206) 628-0888.

Official Website: http://hob.com/tickets/eventdetail.asp?eventid=43165

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