Mas Marvent
St. Yrieix sous Aixe, Limousin 87700

With Acharya Mathias Pongracz

How can we stay grounded, present, and open amidst the challenges and complexities of everyday life? In these eight days of meditation, we provide space to get in touch with the depth of our experience and to uncover our uncomplicated, uncontrived, and ever-fresh inner nature.

We work with the disciplines of "simply being," "coming home," and "just sitting," also known as mindfulness/awareness (shamatha/vipashyana). This programme will include sitting and walking meditation, teachings and discussions on shamatha/vipashyana, individual meditation interviews, and outdoor walks in nature. Open to practitioners of all levels: beginners and those who want a fresh start. This programme will be taught in French. Translation will be available on request.
Program price

To make programmes more affordable to all, programme tuition fees are priced based on a graduated income scale. Your income category equals net earnings plus any government support. More info on A, B and C prices on the Dechen Chöling website.

A: Program price: € 450.00
B: Program price: € 405.00
C: Program price: € 360.00

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