1090 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, California 94025

Worried about the economy? your job? losing clients? Now, more than ever is the time to network with others. Come "chirp" in real life at this Silicon Valley Tweetup

If you're hiring, great, I'll ask you to identify yourself for those seeking jobs, let's work together as a communtiy

If you're hiring, leave a comment here: http://snipurl.com/7t4fu

This is a free local event, and you're welcome to invite others.

Activities Include:
-Socialize: Meet folks on the other side of that 140 Characters, buy someone a drink that you've been 'following' for months.
-Karaoke: Lance, the Manager of BBC is going to give us the opportunity to belt it out at the top of our lungs. YMCA anyone?
-Food and Drinks: Although you'll have to buy it on your own, BBC offers a wide variety of drinks, as well as Food. Need more choices? There's dozens of restaurants in walking distances in downtown Menlo Park. (Just don't get run over by the Teslas)

Food and Drinks: This is a no-host events, so each attendee is responsible for purchasing their own drinks and food. But, if you wanna make friends with others, you should buy drinks for folks you've been following on Twitter.

Twitter tag: #svtweetup

Transportation: British Bankers Club in Menlo Park, walking distance from Menlo Park CalTrain on El Camino. Do note that some CalTrain's do not stop at Menlo Park Station, so plan accordingly.

Driving Directions

Carpool: If you want to carpool with others, leave a comment below

Event organized by @jowyang

Official Website: http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2008/12/01/silicon-valley-tweetup-dec-11th/

Added by jeremiah_owyang on December 1, 2008



The hell with the pennisula: do it in SF near the caltrain/Freeway, like in Soma.


Stowe, let's do it in Peninsula so we can get south, SF, and peninsula folks together.

Bulringame to Palo Alto should be equal distance for folks.


Thanks, Jeremiah! San Mateo might work for folks coming from both north and south.


This is exciting -- I'll finally be able to make it to a tweetup!


I'll be there. My preference is Palo Alto - plenty of bar and dinner options. Thanks for thinking of us poor cousins in the south bay.


I'll try to make it! Sounds like fun. Would love to ride w/someone from SF or E. Bay, will contribute to bridges & tolls (or can take CalTrain or BART). Coming from Berkeley.


Count me in. Like Stowe, I'd prefer a spot in San Francisco, myself.


I've settled on British Bankers Club, a pub/restaurant in quaint downtown Menlo Park

It's directly in front of the Caltrain, and is central in the bay area for South Bay and the City.

There's plenty of events in SF, let's try to come together from all around the bay and welcome in the holidays as a community

See you there! Please spread the word!


Flying to Miami the next day, but if I get all my little duckies in a row beforehand, I will be there. Also added to SMC calendar and will make sure to send along to friends.


Thanks for arranging this, Jeremiah. Good location. Looking forward to attending.

Adrienne Brawley

Looking forward to getting together with Twitter and Facebook friends!
See ya' there!


BBC it is.


Bummer. Menlo Park is far from HMB. I will try, but I have family coming in from AZ that night.


That's not far Francene! 20-30 minutes no traffic. Take 280 exit Sand Hill


Ah yes, as usual, the San Francisco crowd complains about being forced to drive South. Yet they never seem to worry about the trip up to the city for South Bay residents.


I have room for 3 if people need a ride down from financial district. Msg me @Wesmax27 on twitter if interested.



Those SFers! Shame on them. Now there's no excuse, we're all 20-30 minutes away (pending on traffic)

Thanks Wesmax for thinking of others.


A little tip - if you're not a regular on Caltrain during commute time - make SURE your train stops in Menlo Park.

kathleen wiersch

I was just thinking that these things seldom happen on the Peninsula and NEVER in the South Bay. I'd love to make it but would have to con my husband into taking both toddlers


I am looking to connect with social media strategists and online community managers. Would anyone be up for getting a dinner together after the tweetup?


I retweeted the tweet I saw on this Tweetup.


Thanks Martha, good point

Some Caltrains do not stop at Menlo Park (baby bullet train)

We've over 50 that have confirmed are attending, great turnout


Thanks, JO. I'll certainly try to make this and spread some cheer!


Wesmax I'm down for dinner. There's nearly 2 dozen restaurants in the area.


Cool. Any suggestions? I've been to Sultana and Cafe del Sol and would highly recommend either of those.


I'm likely to attend this one. I think it's great to talk about the economy in a place called the British Bankers Club.


Wesmax27--I'm up for dinner too. I'm from South Bay, so don't know any of the local food options, but I'm not fussy about what I eat either.

This is my first tweetup--looking forward to it!

marianne oconnor

Since the Bank of England just cut its rate to 2% (lowest since 1951), I'm hoping the drinks at the British Bankers Club will be slashed to 1951 prices as well! Yeah, I know -- I'm an optimist...


I'm hopeful, trying to work out childcare.


sounds great


I just realized that I'll be in Florida that week for my son's football national championship


This could be one of the largest tweetups I've heard of 66 so far


my first tweetup as well and it's so close to work :-) thanks jeremiah


I will be traveling out of town that night, Jeremiah. Wish you luck with a great turnout!


Leave your twitter handle if you're going, so we can connect before and after the event

I'm twitter.com/jowyang




I think I'll be there, since I can't go to Boston and all. And because it seems fun. :)



awesome! @johnmark - karaoke FTW!


I will be there too!



I'm so there...


IdaRose Sylvester

Very much looking forward to it, always an avid networker, I look forward to connecting w old and new friends in the 3D world. I'm @idarose, and @nhendin (cell phone punk and avid networker as well) will be joining me. Tweet me up!


Count me in, and I look forward to meeting everyone. I'm:

twitter.com/eriksr or @eriksr


I'm completely there.

Dale Walker

I'm there

Hutch Carpenter

Leaning toward attending, never been to one of these


Joseph A di Paolantonio

@JAdP & @CZDS are planning on it. We're speaking at the SOA-C earlier that day, but should be able to make the tweetuo.


Yay for tweetups n San Mateo county! I'll try to drop by after my son's cub scout meeting. (@gwachob on twitter)


won't somebody think of Oakland & east Bay hipsters?


how about doing one in SF. in SOMA! yes, please. would love to attend one of these.



Next time Ill try to do in san mateo of foster city, so it's an easy shoot over the bridge


Still working on that dinner post tweetup.. add me @Wesmax27 and DM me by Wednesday if you are interested so I can make a res.


Trying to make it...depending on kid coverage.


I am planning to take the 270 Train from SF King Street Station, leaving at 4:56pm and arriving Menlo Park 5:28, if anyone wants to giggle on the way down to Menlo Park.


I'll be there if the creeks don't rise (old Texas saying).


Be there with bells on. Uh, you know, for the holidays! (I don't usually wear bells.)
See you there!


I will be there. I'm @ericabiz on Twitter.

Thanks for doing this somewhere other than SF! I am much more likely to go to an event on the peninsula than in SF due to driving time (I live in San Jose.)



@gorongo near caltrain, works for me....


I will be there.


will probably make it @antoniocapo


Out of town, but arranging to head back a day early to make the event! Thanks for hosting something south of San Francisco!



I'll be there. @gronumbulator


great idea and ulta-convenient - will be there


Carlos R Hernandez

I love all the choices in December and Dec 11 also has the American Marketing Association meetup featuring the US Marine Corps collecting "Toys for Tots" in SF's Hilton Financial District.

I will try to make both.


I'm in. See you there.


I'll be there (@dshiao) - thanks for organizing it, Jeremiah!


Who's riding the CalTrain down to the meetup from SF? Thinking about it or driving. Would appreciate company on the CalTrain.



definitely going....working on a lead I got from your webstrategy link....will fill you in if I can fight my way through the crowd - @woodylewis

Nils Davis

heh - I'll just be walking - live three blocks away. That NEVER happens.


to h-e-double hockey sticks to the people who don't want to have it on the Peninsula! :) I'm glad its down here! Thanks @jowyang for organizing. I'm there.

Nick Arnett

Looking fwd to it.


I'm in town from Vancouver BC and plan to attend @willisturner


Caltrain riders: the 5:56 gets you into Menlo Park at 6:34. That's your best bet for getting down to the Tweetup unless you want to grab a cab from Palo Alto.


I might just make it! Might also bring a copy of my new book as a prize for the worst karaoke performance.



Karaoke & social network talk over beers? I'm there! @jkuner on twitter


I can't sing, but I'm in


Does BBC have their play list online?
I'll post this event as advice to the TechKaraokeSF group in Facebook.


@feste1 will be in da house!

Cathy Browne

I plan to be there - it's my first event. Thanks for picking a spot on the Peninsula.

I can't see enough to read name tags, so do say hi. If you look at my profile, I do look like my avatar:-)



I'm up for a drink and some terrible singing (mine)! I will have my car if anyone needs a ride back to SoMa after the event.

@rachelpolish on Twitter


We just hit triple digits (100) for RSVPs, great!


DM susanmernit on twitter if you want to car pool from OAKtown

John Martin

A fine idea! @johnm


will try to make after Rotary Club mtg - @glfceo


Will do my best to be there! @mndaniels


Oh bugger me...actually looked at my ticket and I am flying to Miami on Thursday (not Friday). Will be there in spirit. Enjoy everyone!


I'll be there Jeremiah :)


I will take CalTrain if nec., but if anyone's driving from the East Bay or SF, I will be glad to share gas/bridge tolls. Mainly, I'm trying to save time on commute to & from Berkeley. Also, a ride back to E. Bay or SF nr. BART would be much appreciated. Thanks for putting my photo up, Jeremiah or whoever did it!:-)


Looking forward to it! @michaeldeutch / Mindjet


I'll be there. @rontoledo

Shanee B.

I'll be there, ready to mingle...nice to get off twitter and meet some locals in person :)


Looking forward to it! Hit me @CML if you're in the wireless/mobile app space. See you tomo...

IdaRose Sylvester

I'll be hosting the registration table for the event, so you'll meet @idarose for sure. We'll be adding some helpful touches to the name badges to make networking easier.


This will be my first, looking forward to it. @rbucich

Niandong Wang

looking forward to it, thanks for organizing it in BBC, Jeremiah. Last time it took me 2.5 hours from South Bay to the city for a Tweetup... oh well. @niandongwang


Glad to hear all these folks coming


I will be there, too. Should be fun. @sterlizzi


Thanks for organizing! See you guys tomorrow. http://twitter.com/aditiseal


I'll be coming a bit later in the evening. Don't go quitting early on me. @ryankuder


I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting other Tweeps. I'm in the South Bay, btw: @flynn_k


I'll be there buddy. Looking forward to catching up.


I still have 2 spots in my car if anyone needs a ride from the financial district. Leaving here around 5 PM. Hit me at @Wesmax27

Rajesh Kadam

There is a event at FB as well, that I am registered for. Might skip that and come to the tweetup instead! @searchyogi


I'll be there

IdaRose Sylvester

Tip: recycle a conference badge holder, print the following: first name, your @ ID, one word what you do, one word why your here



We'll have stickers, but if you have handwriting like mine, this is a classic networking tool you can use to help yourself get noticed.

See you soon!


My Twitter acct.: @CreativeSage Still looking for a ride from E. Bay or SF, if possible, as I'm coming from Berkeley. Otherwise, will take CalTrain. DM me on Twitter or email sage at CreativeSage.com Thanks!


I'm so excited to see so many old friends and meet new ones


wow, what a turnout...Good job Jeremiah..Hope to get over there, and let me add my thanks for having it in a central location (coming up from San Jose).


hoping to show up, at least briefly, in spite of all odds


This is going to be madness. Wonderful social media madness!



Sorry, guys, but it's just too much transit to get there from N. Berkeley tonight. I'd LOVE to be there, but I got some bad news that my cat needs surgery and I am thinking I should stay home, too much work as well. I will so miss you all. If it involved only a BART ride, I'd do it, but CalTrain and BART makes it two hours each way from my house. Have fun and let's do it again in SF or the East Bay occasionally!

Nils Davis

I may be able to make it - @nilsie - live a few blocks away, but won't be back until late...


Thought I wasn't going but will try to catch up with @IreneKoehler for SV TweetUp tonight, in 60-90 min. via Fremont BART.:-) Hope to get there with Irene!


Just found out about the event... Can't make it tonight. Is it too early to ask about the next Tweetup???





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