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Review sites, blogs, forums, networking sites and online conversations in general are abuzz over various products and services. But how does a product manager make sense of all these online conversations and distill consumer trends and insights to build better products?

If it were easy, there’d be no bad product reviews, no viral videos, no PR disasters. Product managers and marketers alike need a social media listening strategy to systematically listen, analyze and measure consumer interest and sentiment. And they need processes in place to get this valuable intelligence to the people in the organization who are able to act on it.

Overtone and the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) are partnering up to host a three-city roundtable tour and three-part webinar series titled “Perfect Pitch: Uncovering Trends by Listening to Social Media”. The open discussion will focus on the analysis of social media trends and data and how a frontline product manager can leverage these insights to improve their product development cycle and satisfy consumer expectations.

By understanding these conversations and listening to the customer experience, a proactive manager will know the good, the bad and the ugly of their product and will be able to act on these insights in real time.

Overtone's Open Mic software solution and their expertise in social media analytics partnered with the seasoned product managers of the AIPMM bring together a lively forum where high level strategy and methodology can be discussed.

Join Overtone, the AIPMM and other managers for these roundtable discussions in the following cities:
• September 10 – Chicago, IL
• September 15 – San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley)
• September 17 – Boston, MA

The webinar series will begin shortly after the in-person roundtables.
• September 24 – Perfect Pitch Webinar: Part 1
• October 8 – Perfect Pitch Webinar: Part 2
• October 22 – Perfect Pitch Webinar: Part 3

Official Website: http://perfectpitch09sv.eventbrite.com/

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