120 Independence Dr
Menlo Park, California

It’s that time again… Time to announce the December 2006 meeting of the Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club.

The time and date is 6:30PM on the 13th of December, 2006.

The meeting will be held again this month at The TechShop in Menlo Park at 120 Independence Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025. Jim Newton (of the TechShop) reminds us that if you look up this address on Google Maps, it appears to put the marker arrow on the off ramp to Marsh Rd. Driving directions seem to be accurate, though.

This month we have a pretty full agenda:

* First up we’re going to have Benoit Schillings, CTO of TrollTech, come to talk to us of many things including TrollTech’s GreenPhone. Benoit joined TrollTech in October 2005 with the mandate of quickly bringing new technologies to market. Before his gig as TrollTech’s CTO, he served as CTO of OpenWave (formerly phone.com, formerly Unwired Planet, … ) Prior to his participation at OpenWave, Benoit was a principal contributor to the BeOS at (of course) Be, Inc.

* Next we’ll have club member Yusuf Saib demonstrate his Encrypted SoftPhone client for IAX. So… if you happen to be an industry executive visiting foreign countries, and you’re worried that that country’s intelligence services are listening in on your conversations and passing competitive information to foreign competitors, this may be of interest to you. Besides, crypto is cool; so is Asterisk.

* Finally on our official agenda, Hinkmond Wong and Stuart Marks of Sun will be talking to us about Sun’s J2ME open source plans. Hinkmond and Stuart are the project owners for the “Java ME Open Source Project.” Sun’s been getting quite a bit of press of late for their plans to open Java. As anyone who’s spent a bit of time with Java technology is probably aware, there’s a lot of stuff there… compilers, runtimes, mobile profiles, CORBA interoperability, Jini, etc., etc. Hinkmond and Stuart will be addressing Sun’s plans that are specific to the J2ME space.

* As always, we’ll have refreshments before the official program and will have some time at the end of the meeting for unstructured discussions.

Official Website: http://hbmobile.org/blog/?p=6

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