3287 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, California 95051


Good Eats

* AccelWork is being kind enough to provide Pizza and Drinks for our meeting. But they ask that you RSVP before Wednesday noon so we can get an accurate count for how much pizza to purchase. So, if you’re planning on coming and eating pizza, please send me an email at [email protected]. with a count of how many people you’re bringing.

Update on Open Phone Projects

* Open Cell Phone and TuxPhone


* Matt’s “USB GSM Peripheral” now makes phone calls. He’ll demonstrate why analog design is important by placing interference laden phone calls to anyone interested.

Guided Discussion

* Topic : Software Security for Mobile Phones—What works, what doesn’t
* Topic : Splitting up research and design tasks to build a real phone
* Topic : The “open cell phone” roadmap

Open Discussion

Official Website: http://telefono.revejo.org/article/26/homebrew-mobile-phone-club-meeting-announcement-july-2006

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