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SiliCon is the once-a-year event held by Siliconventions, Ltd. (a non-profit educational organization as defined by the I.R.S.) as a fundraiser event for diabetes research.

This is done with seminars covering hard science, science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Some of the topics covered include writing, painting, costuming, singing, model making, computer graphics, film studies, astronomy, robotics, other scientific areas, along with diabetes education and outreach.

We do this with special guests, panelists willing to provide their time and knowledge, and volunteers to run the convention.

We're looking to involve you in the fun and education of this event.

Official Website: http://siliconventions.com

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New guests, new photos, and new events have been added! Please see our website or blog for up to date info!


SiliCon 2007 features great daytime programming for all ages; costume contest, fan swap meet, fashion show, SFX workshops and more. Unlike most conventions when the sun goes down our programming does not stop! Silicon has great late night events such as SiliCon TV in room 24 hour programming, live Rocky Horror performance, HorrorYearbook.com's Midnight Movie Massacre, Formal Masquerade Ball and of course lots of parties all night long.

New Guests joining us this year are special guests Writer Gregory Solis, Storyboard Artist Neil D'Monte, Horror Director Mel House, Manga Artist Melissa Hudson, Animator Stephanie Lensiak (Cartoon Network), SFX Artist Joe Castro (Terror Toons 2), Author Jonathan Fesmire, Scream Queen Eliza Swenson (Dracula's Curse, Transmorphers), and many, many more to come.

Aspiring artists, filmmakers, and writers will also enjoy our many how-to panels, workshops and the comics jam. Not to mention our great artist colony, hall cosplay events, and 24 hour gaming for all you fanatics.

Also don't forget to come by and check out all our great featured films and Hollywood Trailer Park: Featuring the 20th Anniversary Screening of the cult classic Slime City, Stupid Teenagers Must Die, the pulse-pounding animated feature Race, and one of 2007's best kept horror secrets, Neighborhood Watch, just to name a few.

This is just a taste of all our great programming, get the full details, and constant updates at our Website or join us at our MySpace! We support a very deserving charity and encourage science education. Hope you can make it!


For some reason, the previous entry for SiliCon was deleted. From the website, it looks like the con is still on, though...


New guests added! Sci-Fi / Fantasy Author Barbara Hambly (Star Wars, Star Trek, Windrose Chronicles, and more!) Writer Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night), FX Artist Jeff Johnson (Shrek 3, Matrix, Star Wars, and tons more). Internet Movie Site The Popcorn Review will be hosting some great panels and Pretty Scary.com will also be joining us! We have TONS more coming, keep watching here or our website for more info!



We're still here! Just Upcoming.org weirdness :-/ our event is listed here;


Event number 13760

We REALLY appreciate you getting a profile set up and watching our back ^_^


There appears to be some upcoming.org weirdness that makes it hard to search for this event. We assure you we are in full swing and still scheduled for Oct. 5-7 at the San Jose DoubleTree Hotel. There are a ton of new guests and events still be added. Check back for more updates!


We have some more guests added; Actress Bianca Barnett, SFX Handy-Man Jason Barnett, Actor Jed Rowen, Cosplay Queen Ao, and Voice Actor Neil Kaplan (Optimus Prime!)


The Fashion show is now a lock for Sunday, October 7th! Designers Lain, Miss Carlyfornia, Ao, Pegasus Maiden , and more will be displaying some amazing outifts in this J-Rock themed Kei/Lolita Fashion Show! We have a DJ, stage & lights, and of course models...come out for all the excitement and be swept in by the look :-) Tickets for the whole convention available online (www.siliconventions.com) or one day passes available at the door the day of the show.

Matthew Joseph Harrington

I'll be reading Saturday, including material from the next volume of Known Space's Man-Kzin Wars, not yet in print.
Hal Colebatch and I are also contributing the only existing copy of the first draft of STRING to the charity auction. This is also from that volume, the first humorous story in the series.


The SiliCon 2007 schedule is now online! Pop on over to www.siliconventions.com for all the details!


Here are some more updates! We have some new guests added; Scream Queen Jen sharlow, Director Sean Cain, Author Fred Wiehe, Heidi Martinuzzi from Pretty-Scary.net, and Director Ed Peduzzi (Slayer).

The Fan Swap Meet will be on Friday Oct. 5th! Bring all your unwanted treasures and turn them into cold hard cash (that you can then spend guilt free at the con!) The Swap Meet opens at 3:30pm and is free to all paid convention attendees! Bring whatever you can carry in one load and set up for old fashioned bartering and trading :-)


On October 5th, at 5 PM, Streetlight San Jose will be taken over by featured guests from the SiliCon 2007.

Some of the guests of SiliCon 2007 will be at Streetlight Records (980 South Bascom Avenue San Jose) to meet with fans, talk horror, science fiction, filmmaking, etc. There will be snacks and live music. Be sure to stop in...

Dame Darcy - Musician/Actress
Dame Darcy will be performing live in the store at @5:30.

Eliza Swenson - Musician/Actress/Screenwriter