750 B Street
San Diego, California

Added by dw on June 13, 2005



When I saw them I was seated on the second balcony of the old 1500-seat Spreckels Theater, totally sober. My inability to see the band perfectly from that hight and angle was of little importance: the venue was resonating with their massive sound, quaking with the drums, the lighting spectacularly choreographed, and the audience captive, silent, mesmerized, until offered the opportunity to applaud between songs. Jonsi spoke only twice throughout the show, once pre-encore and once post, and even then just barely, preferring to let the music speak for itself. It was hands down the most powerful show I have ever seen, as if they'd found a lock inside me that guarded all the sadness and joy I've experienced in my life, and then turned the key. I swear they tapped into my soul and bones that night.

More info and upcoming album details: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk


does anybody know when tickets are going on sale?


"$TBA. Info: (619) 235-0804."

That's the concert promoter's number.


I wonder if Copley might not be a good venue for someone (like myself) who's never seen them live before? It's such a horizontally-stretched high school auditorium type of hall, so you're way far away from the musicians unless you're in the first few rows.

I'm on the fence about going...


Copley's only about 30% larger than Spreckels, where Sigur Ros put on an absolutely brilliant show. As home to the San Diego Symphony I'm sure it's a high quality venue, and the band's sound and lighting guys really know what they're doing. If you're into them, they're gonna blow your mind no matter where they play. And the way the music biz is, for all you know it could be the last time they play. I wouldn't pass them up.

3D views here:


Yeah, I've been there for the symphony, I guess that's where my concerns came from but you're right, if you like the band, you like the band. Plus the accoustics are great in that place, so I guess that's what matters most for this kind of music, as opposed to the rockin-out-all-over-the-stage antics of somebody like the white stripes.


Leaving in about 15 minutes for this one. It should be good.