8 NW 6th
Portland, Oregon 97209

Added by dw on June 13, 2005



Shawn says its the BEST FUCKING SHOW I'VE EVER SEEEN IN MY LIFE. "They play their heart out the entire time..."


The day before M83. I won't be able to make both shows and I'm in for a tough decision! Actualy the whole month of September makes for a pretty heavy schedule...


I saw M83 last time they were here (at Holocene)... they were fun, but it basically just sounded exactly like the CD. I guess some people thought it was great, but I found it boring... I'd opt for Sigur Rós if I were you.

But then, Sigur Rós is playing at the lameass Roseland, so I dunno.

September and October are full of fun shows!! Yay!


I hear you on the Roseland. I think it?s a pretty bad choice for a band like sigur ros and I?m concerned that the sound setting is going to be a challenge for them there. I wish they could play at doug fur, which in my opinion has the best acoustics in town.


Does anyone have tickets to the 9/29 Portland Sigur Ros show? I would love to buy them from you or trade for my tickets to the Seattle 9/28 show. Please e-mail me at [email protected]
Thanks so much!