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Do you want to know what your baby or toddler is thinking? Do you want to cut down on crying & frustration?

Sign language is a great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. It helps babies that are ready to communicate, but can't quite bridge the gap to full speech. Imagine how your life would change for the better if your baby could just tell you what he or she is thinking! :-)

Signing with babies has numerous cognitive & linguistic benefits, but most importantly it's fun and helps you bond with your child. Babies that sign are often less fussy because they're able to communicate what they want in ways other than crying. Research also shows that babies that utilize sign language get a great start in life -- with increased vocabularies and more advanced cognitive skills, even years after they have stopped signing.

Our Sign Language for Babies (SLFB): a 6-week interactive class series for parents and their babies (8-18 months old) includes:
* An overview of language development
* Over 50 American Sign Language (ASL) signs
* Easy ways to incorporate signing into your daily routine
* Fun songs and activities to facilitate the learning of signs
* Take home reference materials

Level 1 - Wednesdays 3:30pm - starts September 5th
Level 1 - Saturdays 10am - starts September 8th
Level 2 - Thursdays 3:30pm - starts September 6th

Please call 818-380-3111 to reserve your space in our next session or sign up on the online registration page at http://www.shopthehaven.com/sign-language-registration.html

Classes held at...
A Mother's Haven Boutique & Educational Center
15928 Ventura Blvd, Ste 116, Encino, CA 91436
818-380-3111 * www.shopthehaven.com

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Official Website: http://goo.gl/4mq3S

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