415 Summer Street
South Boston, Massachusetts 02210


In the next 12 months, there's only one opportunity to understand, create, experience, and debate every aspect of computer graphics and interactive techniques: SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston.

Learn from the world's leading experts, as they present advanced theory and practical applications. See the year's finest international achievements in digital art, animation, and visual effects. Meet SIGGRAPH Pioneers and emerging achievers. Exchange ideas, insights, and inspiration with people who share your goals and aspirations.

Added by bjorke on September 9, 2005


paul irish

so this just showed up on digg..
free exhibition passes to siggraph


Great, I will be helping with the Open Source Pavilion. Come by and get some free Creative Commons things.


I'll be emceeing three sketch sessions: "Pillows and Puppets," "Fast and Cheap," and "About Face"


Where are the parties at?