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With a spirited and infectious fusion of traditional West African music, roots reggae and rhythmic traditional folk, SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS craft music that transforms and uplifts. The collection of songs on their debut album Living Like A Refugee, decry the insanity of war and call out for social justice while instantly compelling you to get on your feet and dance. They have lived through unimaginable tragedy and yet Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have become an inspiration and a symbol of the healing power of music. Championed by The New York Times, critic Stephen Holden wrote, “As harrowing as these personal tales may be, the music buoying them is uplifting. The cliché bears repeating: music heals and creates community.” Be it via the warm, percussion-steered delights of “Akera Ka Ambonshor”, the spirited skiffle of “Soda Soap” or “Refugee Rolling,” where uprooted souls manage to rise above uncertainty with inexplicable finesse, Living Like A Refugee is proof that that there is always hope to be found. Living Like A Refugee was recorded throughout the production of the "The Refugee All Stars" film, between August 2002 and October 2005. Each song is an original composition written during their years in exile and taken as a whole the album serves as a musical document of the band’s incredible journey. Featuring field recordings from the refugee camps in Guinea as well as studio efforts at Sam Jones’ Island Studios in Freetown, these 17 tracks tell the story of life in the camps (“Living Like A Refugee”). Facing hunger (“Bull To The Weak”), celebrating family on “Ya N'Digba,” a song for bandleader Reuben's mother, enduring the horrors of war (“Kele Mani,” “Weapon Conflict”) and of thanks (“Compliments For The Peace”), Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars are a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the transcendent power of music.

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