142 Shaftesbury Avenue
London, England WC2H 8HJ

He may not have got much code out in the open but he's certainly left a lasting impression in the last year.

Come join Si Jobling on his last day at Yahoo! Europe (and, most likely, London too), have a few drinks and generally break in the second May Bank Holiday weekend too.

Official Website: http://www.simonjobling.com

Added by sijobling on May 12, 2008



Talking about youself in the third person again Si? Neil thinks that's a bit wanky, but he's going to miss you anyway :)


He may not have worked at the big Y! but he will still be attending to say cheerio to the other guy that speaks in 3rd person. Alan White will be there in the flesh to consume beer...


Si always talks in the third-person - it makes him sound more important than he actually is. It just goes to show what a pretentious tw*t he can really be.