TBA, California

Green Sector Solarbrates :


Solstice Stage:
HALLUCINOGEN Live (Twisted Records, Coast II Coast ent.) UK
SHPONGLE Dj Set (Tip Records, Coast II Coast ent.) UK
KIVA (green sector)
TREAVOR (moontribe)
RICARDO (green sector, dragonfly, SF)
CHRIS CAMPBELL (heavy rotation)
GATTO MATTO (green sector, SF)
BRIAN RAE (green sector)
More TBA

Spiral Stage:
MANNY (green sector)
More TBA

Stellar Stimuli:

Sound Henge:

Sun Dial:
*Outdoor location tba
*More info to come ~ http://www.greensector.com

With over 80 years experience collectively Simon Posford and Raja Ram are more than qualified for the exploration into the unclassifiable music frontiers they have ventured into; ëSHPONGLEí is a new world of traditional sounds, acoustic guitars, Moroccan drums, Turkish operatic singing, cello, double bass, backing vocals and silver flute blended together with the computer wizardry of Simon Posford's studio production. Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) has long had a reputation as the, 'Hallucinogenius' a imitable pioneer in sound experimentation. Raja Ram, is the innovative sonic co-pilot producing alongside Simon and providing inspirational artwork for the album covers and the website as well as his unmistakable flute solo's in C Major. Shpongle has been a working project since the release of their 1998 album îare you shpongled?î filtered out into the underground. www.shpongle.com

Hallucinogen (live) aka Simon Posford is a pioneer of electronic music and founder of the psychedelic trance scene. With the release of his first album, "Twisted", which reached Number 27 in the French album charts, a genre was born. There are many words to describe modern electronic music but none that come close to the wealth of emotion and experience that comes from listening to a Posford tune. These days he is just as likely to be entrancing crowds around the globe with a throbbingly epic live set as he is to be dribbling ambient delectations in the Hallucinogen Soundlabs in the West Country. He is co-director of Twisted Records with Simon Holton, ex-label manager of Dragonfly Records. Their label is one of the hottest underground gatherings of talent this side of Mars. Hallucinogen's second album "The Lone Deranger" blew the lid off the musical scene that had built up around his influence. Not only did it have more of the killer musical riffs but also was a feat of clean production and professionalism previously seen with the likes of The Floyd, one of Simon's major influences. Another tune that influenced Simon was "The Age of Love" by Jam & Spoon and this can be heard in some of his earlier releases. More recently he has produced tracks with Benji Vaughan as their band Younger Brother, Simon Posford has completed new sounds with Dub 'Ott' & Hallucinogen and is currently collaborating with the Twisted Allstars and touring the world spreading his music to all sorts.

Official Website: http://www.greensector.com

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