5300 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, California

$7 for a day pass, $12.50 for a film fest pass

Don Hein and the entire Gestalt Pictures crew have been making movies in their "free" time for more than 3 years.
Late last year, we started submitting the short films to festivals.
We got our first acceptance notification today with Don Hein's "Coming Around"!

It's a wacky comedy with a big heart. Many of you are in it and/or have worked on the video. We would like any and all of you who are available to attend the Show Off your Short film festival in Beverly Hills on February 11.

If you visit the site, you can purchase tickets, get information, and look up directions.
Congratulations to everyone involved in making Coming Around! Getting accepted to this festival is a huge honor.
And best of luck to Don Hein (the Writer, Director, and Producer) to win!!!

Official Website: http://www.soysfilmfest.com/index.html

Added by PEOPLE WHO DONT HATE FUN on January 17, 2007