Cordova and Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers+ two vocoders. This is volatile dance music.

Having grown up playing in a variety of punk/rock bands, over the course of time the six members wound up becoming obsessed with electro, tech-house, and computer disco. It’s because of this background that Shout Out Out Out Out are so comfortable straddling the fence between the energy and live-performance of being in a rock band, and the exciting bump of filling a dancefloor with slamming sequenced beat. To them the energy is the same, and the end result is the same, which is probably why their live shows are creating so much buzz. And it is quite a spectacle: two drummers pounding away in unison with a skillfully sequenced sampler, while the other four members alternate chaotically between hammering on their respective bass guitars and adjusting enough analog synthesizers and gadgets to make any gear nerd sweat. Overtop of it all a robotic vocoder voice is juxtaposed with tragically human lyrics about insurmountable debt and self loathing.

Formed in May 2004, all six members of Shout out out out out are established and prominent figures in the exceptionally strong and breaking Edmonton music community, having put in their time as touring machines, producers, artists, DJs, promoters and label bosses. Included in the band are Nik Kozub, Clint Frazier, Jason Troock, Will Zimmerman, Lyle Bell and Gravy.

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