14 South Washington Street
Sullivan, Illinois

Tired… She was very tired. Emalee had been running and hiding for weeks. Now with the Bloodknight getting close, she must rest. Deep within the comforting folds of the house, she found relief. As she snuggled between the walls of now her home, she plunged deep into the abyss of reassurance and sleep.

Shotgun Manor would take her, hiding her from that which would threaten to steal her special gift that The Manor had bequeathed… immortality. If the Bloodknight could only drink from her wellspring of life, he would steal this eternal bond and, of course, gain control over The Manor. Something the house would never allow.

So as Emalee’s soft slumber began, The House drifted as easily as a lovable memory into this little 11 year old’s mind. It sought out memories and dreams of which to fight the Bloodknight. Such sweet thoughts this innocent child dreams. As Shotgun Manor observes, darkness fills the mind of Emalee.

Once inside Emalee’s thoughts, Tainted by the horrors of The Manor, the sweetest dreams of this innocent turn into bitter nightmares. What used to be candy and kisses now have turned into chains and beatings. Just what The House had intended. This is something it could use to battle the Bloodknight.

Drawing out of the little girl all of her nightmares, The Manor slowly let out a long and agonizing groan. Shotgun Manor did what it does best in all people… brought her nightmares to REALITY!

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