Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, England


Are you comfortable using PSC equipment but want to improve your skills shooting a sequence and self directing? This 2-day course will give you a good introduction and help you to avoid some of the more common pitfalls.


Hopkins Street (corner of Peter Street), Soho, W1F 0HS
London, LONDON United Kingdom

Course Content

Course Outline


What do you want to say / portray?

The camera is selective and can eliminate or include

Both picture and sound tell the story

Shooting to a script/shot list/story board

Drama, Documentary, Obs Doc, Current Affairs/News

Shooting Actualite?

Single or multi-camera

Lighting or available light - High Key / Low Key

Mood and Pace

Gentle/Lyrical - Tripods, slow smooth movements - Tracks, Pans, Steadycam

Mobile / Edgy - Hand-held (+ steady cam), quicker movements/pace

Dissolves / mixes - allowing for


Use of the Tripod - Pans / Tilts / Monopod

Use of the Zoom - Manual / servo

Changing angles by changing position / lenses

Hand-held shooting - camera position, braces / supports

Tracks - suitcase dollies, ladder dollies, 'Elemack/Pee-wee' dollies

Jib Arms / Cranes

Car Rigs, Special mounts, Gun Cameras


Basic framing - looking room / head room

Shot Size convention - C/up, MCU, MS, MLS, LS, GV etc

Aspect Ratios

Lens Angles - Wide Angle - short focal length

Tight Angle - Long Focal Length - Telephoto

Compressed and exaggerated distances

Apparent speed of travel to and from lens

Special lenses - Fish Eye, Macro, Dioptres, Wide Angle adaptors

Lens Height - effect of

Movement in frame - continuity of direction / crossing the line (intro)


Interior simple action sequence

Master Shot / Close-Up of Action / Close-Up of Face / Reverse Over-the Shoulder/ Art shot

Edit the sequence


Hold shots steady 7-10 secs

Let subjects enter and leave frame

Overlap the Action

Preserve continuity of movement / direction

Avoid 'crossing the line'

Do at least 3 different shots for a sequence

Change lens angle AND change camera position between shots

Do relevant cut-aways

Consider the sound track - keep it clean, don't turn off

Consider doing wild tracks (sound)


Simple 'Splice-In / Over-write' techniques

Selecting the right moment to cut

Having enough material / Shots / Cut-Aways

Overlapping the Action

Underlaying / Backlaying Sound

Wild Tracks Commentary

Fast Cutting

Matching Shots for Exposure / Contrast / Colour

Matching Sound Levels

Music and Effects

SEQUENCE 2 (TBC) - Planning The Shoot - Story Board /Shooting The Sequence

Description (a suggestion - good weather)

Static Car - One Actor

Person approaches car, puts briefcase in boot, moves to driver's door, unlocks door, gets in vehicle, sees message on dashboard, reads message, makes mobile phone call (dialogue), starts vehicle, drives off.

Shots - Plan sequence, consider position of car/ease of shooting/lighting/sound etc

Wide establisher, ms and Cu briefcase in boot, reverse actor approaches car, cu feet, ms actor goes to car door, cu keys in lock, ws actor gets in, reverse interior gets in,cu note, cu face, wide ext thru windscreen, ms phone call, cu phone, cu face, W/T other end of conversation, ms puts down phone and starts engine (w/t sound?), cu ignition-keys, ms safety belt, cu exhaust pipe, ws-ms car drives away.

Date 12th/13th July 2010
Cost £550.00 (exc. VAT)

To book visit rave.ac.uk/shortcourses or email [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.rave.ac.uk/shortcourses/?menu2=3&menu3=9&detail=56&nm=Shooting+a+Sequence+-+12th%2F13th+July+2010

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