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Shoot at Sight Orders Issued. Paintball arrives in Bangalore!
Are you hungry for adventure and thirsty for thrill? Are you game for spine chilling off-the-edge excitement and mind-blowing heights? If all these questions set your heart throbbing, read on. For next 10 days, you can hit the top with adventure sports in Bangalore
For the first time ever!!!! Feel the adrenaline pump up your blood while your pulse races out of control. Find hair raising in places you never knew it grew with , Painbtall, Bungee Jumping, Reverse Bungee(0-140 feet in 3 seconds), Zorbing, Artificial Wall Climbing, Tyrolean Traverse, Commando Bridge, Jumaring and Bungee Run. Treat yourself to the ultimate high with Bingo XtremeZone in association with Yahoo India Research & Development at Bingo XtremeZone from June 15th to 24th 2007, starting 10 am to 10pm.All set to launch Bangalore’s first International Standard Paintball field. Bingo XtremeZone is geared up to cater the adrenaline needs of Bangalore’s youth for the first time ever. Bingo XtremeZone is 10 day adventure carnival designed to launch Paintball, the world’s third largest extreme sport. XtremeZone A very popular adventure sport, Paintball is the fanciest game to hit primetime in recent years. This sport has participants using compressed air guns called markers to shoot small gelatin balls filled with paint at other players. A modern version of our very own Hide-n-seek and Tag, this sport is a team game. The game entails each participant of every team eliminating other team members by simply marking them out and shooting the opponent with a big splotch of paint. Moreover Paintball is fun, exciting and easy to get addicted to. .it is the most thrilling and exciting sports to indulge in, Paintball claims to be stress-free, adrenaline challenging and good fun. The best option for a perfect holiday and an ideal opportunity for some quality recreation.This apart Bingo XtremeZone will host the ever popular Bungee Jumping & Reverse Bungee Jump along with other other adventure sports like Zorbing, Jumaring, Artificial Wall Climbing, Tyrolean Traverse, Commando Bridge and Bungee Run.All these adventure sports would be executed under the eye of experts and certified trainers, who have excellent credentials and vast experience the concerned sports. Also, these sports are shielded with safety and protection gear based on global mandatory guidelines, so safety is the core key. XtremeZone strives to provide the Indian youth with the opportunity to challenge the human spirit and to experience the sheer joy and thrill of indulging in adventure sport under a single platform by making them accessible, affordable with an unconditional emphasis on quality and safety

• Kayak (A small boat) Bungee Jumps
• Raft Bungee Jumps
• Bicycle Bungee Jumps
• Paintball War by Bangalore’s best DJ’s- Anoop, Vijay, Sameer, Sash, Riyaz
• Tandem Bungee Jump
Bingo XtremeZone in association with Yahoo Research & Development
Date: June 15th to June 24th, 2007
Venue: XtremeZone (1 Km from Hebbal Flyover, adjacent to Indian oil petrol bunk on the right hand side of the road)
Time: 10 am to 10pm
Contact Numberngs- +919845720769, +91 80 65991190 +91 80 65991192Email- [email protected]

Official Website: http://xtremezoneindia.com

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