928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Yay! We just launched Shizzow into private beta this week, and we wanted to invite people to celebrate with us. Shizzow is a location-based social web service that we built with the goal of helping you build quality relationships through face-to-face interaction. Shizzow provides the technology for you to notify your friends of your location, with as little effort as possible, so you can spend more time hanging out with your peeps and less time trying to coordinate bringing them together through phone, email, SMS and IM.

If you like Shizzow, you can come buy us a drink to celebrate. If you don't have an invite yet, show up before people buy us too many drinks, and we'll set you up with an invite to the service.

If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, you can start by reading our blog: http://blog.shizzow.com

Official Website: http://blog.shizzow.com

Added by GeekyGirlDawn on August 11, 2008



Would be there if I wasn't on the east coast. Looking forward to playing with this when I'm back!