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From esteemed Japanese director Hiroshi Koike and his dance-theater troupe Pappa Tarahumara comes Ship in a View, an ethereal spectacle making its Bay Area premiere at YBCA. Drawing on memories of his Japanese seaside home, Koike creates a haunting dream: a small, dark vessel sails across the stage; eerie foghorns and lamentations fill the air as dancers emerge from the shadows. Ship in a View is a hypnotic remembrance of his seaside town, where vignettes small and large—a woman calling out to sell soybeans, a brewing storm—create a ghostly ritual of remembering, of both connecting to and separating from the past. With a background in directing for Japanese television, Koike infuses performance with drama and momentum, building from a sublime work moving at the pace of Noh theater to a vibrant, transcendental climax. Ship in a View, a surreal and devastatingly beautiful journey.

Pappa Tarahumara

Novellus Theater at YBCA, 700 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Public Info:
415-978-2787 or www.ybca.org
$30 Regular, $25 YBCA Member/ Student/ Senior/ Teacher

Official Website: http://www.ybca.org

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