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A live-action ninja movie featuring two rising stars of Japanese cinema- Joe Odagiri and Yukie Nakama. Shinobi is about two rival ninja clans, the Koga and the Iga, who have honed their skills to super human levels. The clans co-exist in peace through a precarious truce. When Lord Ieyasu Tokugawa grows to fear the clans’ power he pits them against each other in hopes of destroying them. But the offspring of the clans’ chieftains have fallen in love and have plans to unite the clans when they inherit the thrones. This visually stunning martial arts action film has been a hit with audiences around the globe. The story of Shinobi comes from the book “The Koga Ninja Scrolls” a hit in the 1960’s that was adapted into a comic book in 2003.
2005 Japan rated PG107 minutes

Official Website: http://www.embjapan.org/jicc

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