155 N. 35th St.
Seattle, Washington 98103

Small entrepreneurs are the heart of the American economy. And when times are tough, communities pull together to make it through. One of the ways we do that is by telling our stories.

On May 6, the largest collaborative social media film project in Seattle history will gather hundreds of small entrepreneurs to create a big film called SHINE. It'll tell the story of how enterprising small businesses and the spirit of community combine to solve the tough economic challenges we're facing today. And, produce video that participants can use to promote their own businesses on social media like YouTube and Facebook.

If you're growing a business, we want to hear from you. Why did you start your business? What is the biggest challenge you've overcome to pursue your dream? How do you define success?

For one huge night, the cameras will be rolling for YOU. It's your chance to shine.

SHINE will be filmed and produced by volunteers from Seattle's 10,000-member small entrepreneur community, Biznik, directed by filmmaker Ben Medina.

Web video is a powerful way to spread good ideas. But many small businesses are not equipped to produce even a basic video profile. This event will bring together talented videographers with small businesses - not with a sales pitch, but with an opportunity to collaborate on a real project.

We're making time to record roughly 200 stories throughout the evening (volunteers get preference.) The venue has room for 1,000 more - so bring your Flip cam, hand held, or video enabled cell phones, and get in on the action. Video clips will be available to participants soon after the event via the Web.

Join us on May 6 and shine the social media spotlight on your business. Make friends, make business and make history.

Bring a bottle (this is a recession-friendly BYOB event). $5 at the door covers venue and production costs - proceeds benefit Northwest Harvest.

$5 + BYOB + Your Story.

Official Website: http://biznik.com/events/shine-tell-us-your-story

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