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SHiFT is a gathering, a happening, a reunion of people.
SHiFT will be workshops, presentations, demos, meetings and conversations.
SHiFT will be about new user centered services, new social movements and technologies than can improve our daily lives.

About SHiFT

Never before has technology been so much a part of our lives. But we don’t yet know what to expect - nor do we know how it’s going to impact on our lives and lifestyles.
What opportunities are there for integrating technologies into our daily routines? What problems do technologies solve and what problems are they creating for the future? Will technology increase the distances between people, those who have access to technology and those who don’t?
These kinds of questions are on many people’s mind. And yet there isn’t just one answer to most of them. Opening a dialogue is what we want to do in SHIFT.

Our goal

The main goal of SHIFT is to create an informal space for participating in conversations about technology and the ways it could be used for positive ends. It’s about celebrating technology with people who share common ideas about the future. SHIFT will be based on getting together and having spaces for people to meet up informally. SHIFT will be co-organized by its participants.
Since one of the main ideas behind SHIFT is the role of technology in social issues, the organizers of the conference have invited leaders from different areas who have helped create social projects that rely on technology; projects with a strong sense of social justice, projects that helped cross frontiers and that have had a positive impact on the lives of people who use them.

What’s new about SHIFT?

SHIFT will be a technology conference, focusing on the use of technology and the implications for today’s society. It will be a conference organized by people, for people and all about people.
SHIFT will be about user-centered services that help support and create new social relations and improve our daily routines.
It’s going to be all about rethinking the present and planning for the future. It’s about sharing ideas and helping to change minds

Official Website: http://shift.pt

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