109 Commercial St
London, England

Tickets: £12 / £10 adv

Tom Brosseau + Songs of Green Pheasant + David Thomas Broughton + Benjamin Wetherill + Viking Moses + Larkin Grimm + Morvern Callar

A whole day’s worth of the best new music around, and it just happens to be very quiet, so you are ordered to be so too. Professional SHHHushers have been drafted in to ensure the event goes according to plan.

Dustbowl folk, luminous storytelling, shimmering vocals and timeless Americana from brilliantly effeminate tenor, Tom Brosseau. Dropping in before he jumps on Adem's tourbus for European adventures. Sheffield dreampop from Duncan Sumpner aka Songs Of Green Pheasant; sample jenga and acoustic layer-cake from David Thomas Broughton; peculiarly English folk-husbandry from Benjamin Wetherill; peacful lamentation from Viking Moses; witchdoctor bluegrass from Larkin Grimm and open-tuned lo-fi loveliness from Morvern Callar.

Official Website: http://www.knom.co.uk/shows.php

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mm, viking moses.