Paternoster Row
Sheffield, England

Come along to the second SheffStartups meetup!

We were pleasantly surprised by the interest in SheffStartups and now we're sure there's a demand for this kind of thing we're working on developing it further :)

How SheffStartups will work:

The plan is to have a hands-on event once a month on the third Monday of each month. This will include activities such as:

- Discussing lean startup concepts
- Watching videos/presentations together and discussing
- Presentations or demos from members of the group
- Sharing your startup experiences
- Generation ideas
- Discuss the books you're reading
- A roundup of the startup news since the last meetup
- Startup pitches
- Hackathons

In addition to the hands-on event, we will have a casual meetup on the first Monday of each month.

That's two events a month: Casual meetup on first Monday, more substantial event on Third Monday.

This meetup is the first official casual meetup, and we are working hard to make the first hands-on event happen in the second half of February :)

What is SheffStartups all about?

The SheffStartups group has formed to gather people interested in creating, helping, or finding out more about Internet startups in Sheffield.

Started by Joel Gascoigne, a startup founder on a search for like-minded people to learn from and share his knowledge and experience with. Join us on the journey :) Massive thanks to Ashley Moran who helps run it.

Great for:

- People with ideas
- Developers
- Designers
- People with bags of cash
- Advisors
- Anyone is welcome :)

Where? When?

This meetup will be held in the main bar at the Showroom in Sheffield. We'll kick off at 6.30PM.

Please tell your friends about this :)

Official Website:

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