217 Carrall Street, through the back of the Irish Heather
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Who: The Shebeen Club presents Vancouver Spoken Word Performers

What: Thundering Fundraiser for T Paul Ste. Marie!

When: 7-10 pm Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 (3rd Tuesday ea month)
Meet & Mingle 7-7:30
Listen & Learn 7:30-8
Poetry Slam Dancing and other Tipsy Cultural Mashups 8-10

Where: The Shebeen, behind the Irish Heather, 217 Carrall

Why: Because Vancouver’s proudly homegrown talent regularly beats the best in the world. Because that talent grew in an environment pioneered by T Paul, founder of Thundering Word Heard. And because T Paul recently suffered a brain aneurysm and needs a helping hand rent-wise, there being little in the way of pensions and sick leave for Entrepreneurs of the Word, Spoken or Otherwise.

How (much)? $15 before June 16th, $20 thereafter, includes dinner
All profits for the evening will be donated to the T Paul fund.
Instead of our usual door prizes, we will do a T Paul 50/50 draw.

Reservations and media inquiries: [email protected]

New Format: Our new, lower admission price includes your choice of bangers and mash or vegetarian pasta, plus a glass of beer or wine.

Background: http://www.theshebeenclub.com

Bio: Our Spoken Word presenters are TBA, but I guarantee you they will kick posterior. As for our honoree, let’s go to the interview with Pandora’s Collective here: http://www.pandorascollective.com/inttpaul.html
T Paul says he started Thundering Word Heard with the idea that he wanted to create a place where both music and spoken word could come together and be given a place that was their own. And he has done just that. After three years the room is still full every Sunday night even on a long weekend. It takes a lot of time, commitment and a big heart to keep putting on something like this every single week. But it has paid off. Thundering Word continues to be a great success and T Paul’s reputation as a host and organizer continues to grow as well.
“ I have my hands in a million and one things that all seem to have the center in that hub Thundering Word Heard.”

Official Website: http://www.shebeenclub.com

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