1507 N. Colfax
Portland, Oregon 97217

Saturday–she is at PALA and I can’t wait to see it. PLUS, Freddy Fresh…Ravi is always nice to see as well.

PALA Lounge
105 NW 3rd Ave
PDX, Oregon 97209
United States

PS. Sorry, but I can’t make out the large amount of writing on that flyer either without straining an eye or both

PPS> Anonymous-i sent the info over before this post went live, so continue reading for that...continue at www.PDXPIPELINE.com

Official Website: http://pdxpipeline.wordpress.com/2007/11/17/reminder-nov-17-%e2%80%9cshe-be-to-rap-what-key-be-to-lock%e2%80%9d%e2%80%93lady-bug-mecca-digable-planets-freddy-fresh-at-pala/

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