3225 8th Street, NE
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20017

Sharna Fabiano is among the most accomplished young tango professionals in the United States, recognized for her mastery of both leading and following roles and for her elegant and fluid quality of movement. In her choreographed works, passionate embraces meet quiet moments of personal reflection and traditional roles are challenged as women and men exchange following and leading roles. Her choreography presents a contemporary interpretation of the powerful and eternal Argentine Tango, blending modern dance with tango to explore the transformational possibility of partnership. This performance will include two recent works: Tangos From Here, a spirited and colorful narrative of exposure and concealment, hesitation and devotion in personal relationships and The Elements, in which the emotional qualities of the five Chinese elements evoke a dancer's personal journey through the world of tango social dance.
An artist co-presentation.

TICKETS: $22 general admission; $17 members, students, teachers (PreK-12), professional artists & seniors; $8 for children 17 & under – unless noted otherwise.

Official Website: http://www.danceplace.org

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