Fuxing lu / Sinan lu
Shanghai, Shanghai

Water Fight in the Park:
Saturday June 16th:
Location: Fuxing Park
Meeting time: 11:00 am.

We will have water balloons available, but we recommend folks to bring their own form of "water arms". Bring food/drinks for afternoon picnic if you want as well. Dress code: What you wear when you plan to get wet.

Rules of the Water Fight:

1. Tell your friends about the Water Fight.
2. Tell your friends about the Water Fight!!
3. Hit only those with Bad Cat stickers on.
4. Do not water fight people with cameras.
5. Reload stations cannot be removed from premises.

And lastly, we are looking for volunteers again to clean up after the fight. Pat yourselves on the back for leaving Times Square the way we found it. Please email [email protected] See you June 16th!

Another free event, all ages welcome.

Official Website: http://www.badcatpros.com

Added by badcatpros on June 7, 2007