1458 Zhangyang Rd, 655 Yuanshen Rd and 9 Yushan Rd. Pudong.
Shanghai, Shanghai

The Shanghai Derby part 2 - Pudong v Puxi.

Remember, this game isn't at HongKou it's at Yuanshen in Pudong.

Saturday night summer fixture, another excuse to down a few beers to cool down in the oppresive heat before and after the game.

Added by shanghai_ultra on March 26, 2006



such game sucks.especially after the worldcup show.


I am coming over with some friends soon to watch Man City against Shanghai, was just wondering a couple of things....can you sort us some tickets out as they are not being sold in England?....do you want to meet up for a beer or two before/after the games?

We are not football hooligans, just would be good to have a beer with Shanghai fans.

Please get back to me......Tom

[email protected]


Tom - tickets should be very easy to get here. Before match or outside stadium.