Fuxing Central Rd #323
Shanghai, Shanghai

经过一年的积累筹备, 2005 年的7月29日 , ShanghaiNing.com 联合新索音乐将再掀 ?上海 Hiphop 2? ,聚集喷嘭乐团,竹游人, SRC 等上海知名 RAP 团体,为你唱出?有啥讲啥?,毫无做作的真实声音。并带来上海 RAP 历史上首张唱片,为一向被视为地下音乐的本土 RAP 发展,扣开走上主流舞台的大门。

地点:Club FuSion 复兴中路 323 号 定位:63845326
门票:55RMB/位 (网上报名) 70RMB/位 (随到/@door) 均包含标准饮料一杯+正版《有啥讲啥@Shanghai》CD
主办:ShanghaiNing.com, Inc. * 新索音乐
协办:Pioneer * EDM Dance Music

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After a year of preparation, Shanghaining.com together with Sony Music is set to release the "Shanghai Hip-hop 2" project on July 29, 2005. This collection of raw, unedited works by the Penpeng Group, Bamboo Travellers, SRC and other well-known Shanghai rap groups will be entitled "Say What You Gotta Say" ("You Sha Jiang Sha"). As the first released album of Shanghai rap, it will encourage the development of the local underground rap scene, propelling Shanghai rap onto mainstream dancefloors.

Place: Club Fusion (top floor), 323 Fuxing Rd (reservations 63845326)
Time: July 29th, 9pm
Tix: RMB 55 online registration, RMB 70 at the door, includes one drink and a legal copy of "Say What You Gotta Say"
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Sponsor: Shanghaining.com & Sony Music
Partners: Pioneer * EDM Dance Music