115 Jiangxi Zhong Road by Guangdong Road
Shanghai, Shanghai

Please visit the official website at: http://www.saa.org.cn

Shanghai Actors Meeting
Nov 17, 7:30pm @ M.Club-Jiangxi Zhong Road by Guangdong rd

To all those that joined the last meeting, you know the potential of this meeting is great!
Since the success of our last meeting we have a lot more to offer this time.


§ Steak or Seafood Dinner including a drink 88RMB (Original Price 128RMB) *Need to RSVP to acting [@] planetkarl.com
§ Showing Several Independent Films
§ A compiled agents list
§ A special message from Juan Vargas
§ Special visits from several Shanghai casting agents!
§ New Shanghai Actors Group Website on Yahoo Groups

See bottom of the email for the exact time schedule. Dinner is from 7:30pm to 9pm. After that we will be showing films and hearing people speak.

The meeting will take place at M.Club in Mad House, Simon Ma?s lifestyle house, including an art gallery, hair salon, and of course, M.Club.

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Steak or Seafood Dinner with Drink

Originally priced at 128RMB, member of the actors group can enjoy a special discount at only 88RMB.
It is important that you RSVP if you are coming to the dinner, so we can have enough places set: acting [@] planetkarl.com

For 88RMB you get:

§ Choice of free beverage (Wine, beer, soft drinks)
§ House Bread
§ Soup
§ Choice of:
o Grilled Sea Bass with Fresh Tomato Herb Salsa with sautéed asparagus mixed with Risotto mushroom
o Flame grilled specially seasoned Sirloin Steak
§ Dessert
§ Coffee or Tea

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Showing Several Independent Films

They are all from the American Short Shorts film festival and are quite a diverse selection all with a funny or interesting or twisted ending.

"Phil touches Flo"
4 mins
A brilliant, funny short about three men and a precious possession.

"Lilly and Jim"
13 mins
A blind date between two hopeless romantics goes from very bad to much worse. "Lily and Jim" (1997) is a charming little piece about the awkward melodramas of small talk and self-destruction. Winner of 25 festival awards.The dialogue followed a script outline but was mostly improvized. Funny Stuff!

4 mins
Short, twisted tale set in New York.

3 mins
Starring Ewan McGregor - Story about a man, and a beach and a very delicious dessert.

"The Light Of Darkness"
6 mins
A lone woman runs into trouble on a dark lonely road...

Very smart stop animation film, about a mans quest for more...

All movies were donated to the cause by the lovely and talented Juliette McCawley.

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A Compiled Agents List

I have compiled lists of agents that were sent to me into one master list. It contains probably the most complete list of agents you can find in Shanghai.

We will discuss who the best contacts are, and which agents to avoid.

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A Message From Juan Vargas of ?90 Days Visa?

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know, "90 Days Visa" is in the editing phase, and since we now have some equipment & experience, and some of you have told me that you want to work on new projects, I would like you to present your ideas on the Actor's meeting that Karl organizes. So, bring them on!

I believe that the secret to doing things is to actually move your arse and do it. So, on that day, I think it would be good to have a written synopsis of the project, telling us about the story, how you want to make the film, estimated length, estimated duration of project, available resources (money and camera), number of actors and crew, etc. If you have a script, bring it. Again, this is important, otherwise it would just be a meeting of punks talking about how cool it would be to film this and that, and then they end up with nothing.

All the resources that Mei Wen Ti has, would be available for your project (lights, editing computer, umbrellas, stand and about 4 wigs...) SO, come to the meeting with ideas for the camera and the money.

I imagine that some of the actors are NOT willing to act for free again, so please have an idea of how much you would like to make, so that the projects' cost can be calculated. If you ARE willing to work for free, on what conditions?

See you at the meeting,

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Visits from Shanghai Casting agents

Just as in our last meeting, look forward to meeting some of the people who represent us actors for the productions going on in Shanghai. Meet some of the people on the agents list in person and get to know them personally, to form a better working relationship.


If anyone has any questions, please email me.
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November 17th 2005 Time Schedule

7:30pm ? 9 pm
Dinner & Drinks

9 pm
Speech by Juan Vargas

9:30pm ? 10:15 pm
Watching independent films

10:15pm onward
Discussions and drinking!

Anyone who is interested is welcome, simply RSVP me! acting [@] planetkarl.com

Official Website: http://www.saa.org.cn

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