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Shangaan Electro is the street level dance phenomenon from South Africa that went global in 2010 on the back of a series of viral youtube clips (2 million hits and counting) and an acclaimed compilation on Honest Jon's that introduced the movers and shakers in this fast emerging micro-genre. Shangaan Electro replaces Shangaan music's traditional instrumentation with midi-keyboard sounds, re-pitched vocal samples and jacking four to the floor beats, then amps things up to breakneck speeds of over 180BPM. This is hyper-kinetic digital dance music custom made for weekly dance offs in Soweto, and it's getting ever faster...

This summer Shangaan Electro is hitting European festivals/clubs for the first time ever. Based on a Soweto street party, the live show will feature the stars of the Honest Jon's compilation - producer/mastermind and vocalist Nozinja aka 'Dog', the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys, alongside Tiyiselani, Nkata Mawewe and the fastest Shangaan dancers around.

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