Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, 155 Powderhouse Blvd
Somerville, Massachusetts

Non-Event and the Berwick Research Institute present:


plus, The BSC

Surveying american ideas and traditions of experimental music, performance art,
live electronic music, and the various facets of contemporary improvisation, the
sfSoundGroup has been presenting innovative and challenging concerts in the San
Francisco bay area since 1999.

A true 21st century ensemble, the group has an extraordinary roster of bay area
composer-performers whose virtuosic and "extended" instrumental abilities are
equally balanced with their involvement in composition, electronic sound,
performance art, computer audio programming, and experimental instrument making.

The group's sfSoundSeries presents cutting-edge new works by local and
international composers, virtuosic improvisations, theatrical performances, live
diffusion of tape music, and avant-garde classics.

The group also frequently presents existing work in highly creative "radical
transcriptions" blurring the lines between performance, composition,
interpretation, and improvisation.

The Nave Gallery performance will consist of pieces selected from the following:

John Cage - "Concert for Piano and Orchestra" (1957-8)
Antony Braxton - "Composition No. 341" (2004)
David Bithell - "Sketchbook Duos for trumpet and clarinet" (2002/2005)
Christopher Burns - "Maxwell's Demon" (2001)
Matt Ingalls - "Improvisations on Györgi Ligeti's 10 Pieces for Woodwind
Quintet" (2002/2006)
John Ingle - "Modules" (2005)
Christopher Jones - "Four Pieces" (2006)
sfSoundGroup - "Improvisation" (2006)


The BSC:
A strong complement to sfSound is the BSC, Boston's large-scale improvising
ensemble that also performs and records works by contemporary composers (look
for works by Christian Wolff and Cornelius Cardew on Mode Records in the near


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