1300 Fulton Street
San Francisco, California 94117

This is the monthly meeting of the San Francisco Flickr User Group, a/k/a SFlickr. Join other Flickr fans for photos and fun!

Added by cygnoir on May 25, 2005



Does anybody know the quickest way to get to the Cafe from the East Bay, by BART and bus?


Take BART to downtown (Montgomery, Powell, or Civic Center) and take the 5-Fulton down McAllister to Divisidero.


Thanks, quasistoic.


The transit-fu is strong with that one. :)

See you tonight, attendees!


Whoa, schwag!


Damn, shwag!! I will mis this because I *have* to go to a friends going-away party tonight which sucks of course because its a celebration which is not really celebrating anything. Also, was looking forward to meeting Claudine and seeing the other sflickrites again...


I will drop by before going to the show @ the Fillmore this evening :)


I called and warned the Cafe Abir folks to expect us (as they asked us to do after the last time we swarmed there). Granted, it's not much of a warning, but at least they can't say we didn't try.

Sidenote: I was interrogated and congratulated on being a thoughful, right-handed heterosexual man who breaks stereotypes...after being called high-maintenance for calling at all. I love those folks.