699 Delancey St
San Francisco, California 94107

We are doing a photo stroll on sunday 4/30/06 which is Worldwide Pinhole Photography day. People all over the world go out an shoot with pinhole cameras this day. Here are photos from last years pinhole day. Thanks to Your Waitress for coordinating this.

I'm bringing my pinhole arsenal (5 pinhole cameras and 2 digital adapters) so I will be able to loan camera out to two people who want to shoot film and two people that have Canon SLRs. To help those who don't shoot film, I will bring film, get it developed, and scan it. The cost is $20 a roll to cover my expenses.

Normal cameras are of course welcome!

As this is a stroll please be on time, as we will be leaving Crossroads Cafe around 12:30. If you think you might be late, contact me and I will give you my mobile number so we can coordinate.

Official Website: http://www.sflickr.org

Added by pinhole on April 16, 2006



how cool! i'm being taken to dinner for my birthday that night, otherwise i'd be there with bells and film cameras on! can't wait to see your stuff


thanks again for posting this here pinhole. i'll be bringing a few extra paper pinhole cams that shoot 35mm as well.

so glad you will be joining us heather! gail, have a fabulous birthday.

Planet Vicster

Just as a heads-up, it looks like we're bumping into an afternoon SF Giants game (1:05pm start time), so if you're planning to drive (and park), adjust your trip accordingly. ;)


I plan on attending and I can bring an extra pinhole camera and polaroid back if someone wants to play with that. I have a bit of extra Type 54 too that I could loan.


May I borrow a camera from you generous people? ;)


DebbieG, yes I am bringing extras.


thanks for the heads up about the giants game. hopefully everyone will be able to get there without too much delay. yes, several of us are bringing extras so don't sweat it if you don't have a pinhole cam. we got ya covered.

see you all tomorrow!

Planet Vicster

One other thing for the drivers. If you get a spot at a parking meter, you might want to double-check whether or not they run the meters on Sunday as well. I seem to recall two or three years ago, my friend got ticketed because she was unaware that she had to plug the meter on a Sunday.

Me? I decided to just take the Alameda/Oakland ferry! ;)