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Added by cygnoir on May 25, 2006



hey everyone!
Craig/btezra (flickr.com/photos/btezra/) will be flying in to SF from Pittsburg this evening and would love to meet as many SF flickrites as would like to stick around. it'll be on the late side though, i'll be picking him up at the airport at 8:45 we should be to Crossroads between 9:30 and 10.


Crossroads closes at 10 so we might need to take Craig somewhere else and get him DRUNK.


~looking forward to the meetup~


see y'all there!


I have a meeting earlier that night in Pacific Heights but might be able to get out later. Let me know if you guys have an official bar after crossroads that you are headed to.


Hey Thomas, some of us will be making our way over to the Valleywag Web Infinity Plus One: The SloshCon.

Jauder Ho

There's a sf_divebars event happening at Li Po (Chinatown dive bar) so maybe that's a good place to go to after.

Additionally, it appears that Laura Kicey (helveticaneue) may show up to SFlickr too.


great turnout again! comments and some photos at http://www.flickr.com/groups/sflickr_social/