699 Delancey St
San Francisco, California 94107

Monthly meeting of San Francisco Flickr users. Meet other Flickr fans, socialize, and show off your latest work or camera gear.

This is our 2nd anniversary and we are having t-shirts printed for this special occasion. Order yours and more info here.

NOTE: The venue has changed! We are meeting at Crossroads Cafe!

Official Website: http://sflickr.org/

Added by Bringo on March 22, 2007



I read on tablehopper that the Canvas is actually closing soon... you may want to call & check to see if this is the case...


thanks for the heads up claudine! I will stop by the place tomorrow to see what's up.


I just checked Yelp and its true, the place is closing down at the end of April. Also judging from the reviews this place might not be the best place to meet at. Argh.


3 days left to buy your shirt.


The Crossroads has good light, lots of space, decent food and drink, good parking if it's not a game night for baseball. What's not to like?


I agree with Arto, Crossroads has a lot going for it. Who is encouraging the change?

Planet Vicster

I am on record as being quite pro-Crossroads, too. But I think finding alternative venues is a Good Thing, both for the times that our Flickrmeets coincide with Giants' games and for the burn-out factor.


Ditto what the Vicster wrote.

Good lighting, good food, good amount of space, decent parking, and easy to find.


I"m also all for finding some alternative venues. I note that there's no baseball game on the 12th however.


I have gotten a lot of feedback from people saying that Crossroads is the preferred meeting location. Everyone wants their cake fix!!!

I have never been to Canvas myself, the manager never responded to my inquiries and I will be showing up with a couple of boxes of t-shirts.

I therefore propose that we have the April meetup at Crossroads. Do I get a virtual "aye"?


sounds good to me!


yay! Crossroads.


The venue has been changed to Crossroads Cafe. Please let everyone know! :-)


no baseball game that evening, yes?


required attendees include: kodama, sylph, pinhole, cygnoir, *cate* (*aunt cate* back in the day), bringo, planet vicster... all my fellow first sflickr meetup peeps. perhaps we go to abir after for a tribute. heh heh. see ya thursday.

and yes, birthday curley is required as well...

Planet Vicster

jaymce in the house, too??? Yay!


shouldn't you update the sflickr site with the new venue?


i have updated sflickr.org


bravo, bringo!!!


I am sorry that I am out of town and won't be attending. But I did order a T-shirt that is supposed to be mailed to me. Have fun everyone!


Oh, no! Looks like I'll have to arrange to get my t-shirts afterwards. I'm down with the flu, sadly, and don't expect to be any better by tomorrow night...


I'm dealing with some major jetlag from my trip to Italy, but if I can make it, I will.

Planet Vicster

I second forogail's Bravo Bringo! Thank you so much for pulling this all together, sorting the venue, the t-shirts, the announcements. You rawk!


bravo bringo!!!
the dude just rocks. period.


I'd say "Have fun, and take lots of pictures, everybody", but that's probably quite unnecessary, ne? :)



Hello what do you think of my behind??


thanks bringo! nice to meet you and the shirts are great.