1746 Post St.
San Francisco, California 94115

Octubre (Peru 2010), a deadpan dark comedy about a small-time loan shark whose life changes dramatically when someone abandons a baby on his bed, plays November 7–9 at the San Francisco Film Society’s new theatrical home, San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema (1746 Post Street).

For Clemente, everything has a price. As the community’s moneylender he has no friends, only clients. He himself is a patron of the local brothel and has even fathered a child with one of the prostitutes. When the infant is left in his living room one day, his life is upended—until nosy neighbor Sofía steps in to help. With moments of light comedy—Clemente’s attempts to do business while holding the crying baby, his repeated efforts to pass off a counterfeit note and a particularly grim birthday party—Octubre is a rich character portrait of a brusque and graceless man who comes to care about something other than money.

Written by Daniel Vega, Diego Vega. Photographed by Fergan Chávez-Ferrer. With Bruno Odar, Gabriela Velásquez, Carlos Gasols. 83 min. In Spanish with subtitles. Distributed by New Yorker Films.

Showtimes: 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00

Members $9; seniors/students/disabled $10; general $11. Tickets go on sale Monday, October 31.

Event website: http://www.sffs.org/content.aspx?pageid=2479
Ticket website: http://www.sffs.org/cinema

Official Website: http://www.sffs.org/content.aspx?pageid=2479

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