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Director Chris Brown in person

As part of SFFS's Cinema By the Bay, Fanny Annie & Danny is a darkly comedic, sometimes shockingly funny film examining the residual effects of growing up in an unstable home, Fanny, Annie & Danny will have you squirming with anxious laughter. The titular trio are dysfunctional adult siblings brought together by their equally hapless mother for the Christmas holiday, a seemingly commonplace occasion that ultimately assumes considerable depth. The event—a trainwreck from the very beginning—is celebrated a week prior to Christmas so as not to ruin the actual holiday. At center stage is Fanny, a developmentally delayed woman living in a group home and hanging on to a job in a candy factory on the brink of bankruptcy. Actress Jill Pixley’s phenomenal performance ropes us in as Fanny tries to reconnect with her bulimic sister Annie and their suspiciously trustworthy brother Danny. Their conflicted Vietnam vet father Ronnie may act like his emotions died with his friend on the battlefield, but director Chris Brown continually asserts the last few pulses of compassion this scarred patriarch has for those around him. As the celebration progresses, we sense the impending climax without knowing exactly when or where it will hit—or how hard a toll it will take on the family.

Written by Chris Brown. Photographed by Chris Brown. With Jill Pixley, Carlye Pollack, Jonathan Leveck, Colette Keen, George Killingsworth. (82 min)

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