965 Mission (@ 5th)
San Francisco, California

What happens after Chuck Norris fights a government-created killing machine, who just happens to be invincible, and then chucks him into a well? Hilarity ensues, of course! And then it mows a tasty breaky burr. And then it peeks up the skirt of a Jews for Jesus cheerleader. And then it really wants to hear the new Frankie Goes to Hollywood album. And then it decides to stop using the word "bush" to talk about a you know what because of you know who. Hilarity is freaking busy. Plus we guarentee a monster in the well onstage for the entire show, commenting on the hot action.

Bitter Show is a loosely formed group of sketch comics, pregnant go-go dancers, and serious actors that we're holding hostage for nug money. There's a Monster in the Well stars Colin Mahan as Chuck Norris and Stefin Collins as the monster. Featuring the comedic talents of Mike Spiegelman, Leslie VanEvery, The Dave and introducing Melinda Bailey as the nurse.

Part of the SF Fringe Festival 2008
A PREMIERE 55 minutes

Bitter Show info and media: http://www.myspace.com/bittershow
Custom Stage: http://www.custommade.org/
Off-Market Theater: http://www.offmarkettheater.com/

Official Website: http://www.sffringe.org/fringe08/08plays/there.html

Added by Mike Spiegelman on August 7, 2008