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SFeraKon is the longest-running and, so far, the most popular Croatian Science Fiction convention. The first one was held some 25 years ago, and in 1986 it hosted a Eurocon.

It is organized by SFera, the Zagreb Science Fiction club.

Usually more than 500 attendees and visitors pass through the halls during the convention. We had Guests of Honour such as Frederik Pohl, Sam J. Lundval, Harry Harrison, Joe Haldeman, Martin Easterbrook, Robert Silverberg, Guy Gavriel Kay, Walter Jon Wiliams, Lois McMaster Bujold, Ken McLeod, Michael Swanwick and eagerly await many, many more.

The same goes for plain mortals - if you have nothing to do at the end of April, come and meet us. If you have other engagements, cancel them and come and meet us.

Official Website: http://www.sferakon.org

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