111 Minna Street
San Francisco, California 94105

Happy hour and Run Jane Run Meet & Greet @ 111 Minna.

Who: Who are the folks at Casa Arguello?
Why it's MJ, Jason, Jane, and Annie of course.

What: What the heck is an SF Warming?
Well? It's a housewarming party except for the fact that we have old neighbors that may complain about the noise so instead (Especially if oh...200 or so of our favorite people come on out), we're inviting you to get shlitzed with us in SF now that we're all living together.

No plants please. Just kisses and perhaps a donation for Casa Arguello's favorite School Board Candidate - Jane Kim!

Why: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in SF" -- Seriously though. Come on out.

PLUS!!! We have a very cool local rocking indi band who's coming out to give a show to mad pimp the love. WOOT!! How totaly dreamy is that?!!!

Where: 111 Minna.
Rumours have it that there will be
a) Run Jane Run campaign teeshirts
b) A drink named after MJ that is sweet, sour and involves scotch
c) Annie playing Jenga and/or shaking her fist at the skies saying "Stupid White Men in Office- Damn you!"
d) Jason throwing spell packets of good times

About Jane - More on her and her school board campaign at http://www.janekim.org

Donations for Jane's Campaign can be made via PayPal to [email protected]

Be there or be ...like...totally...cubic or something.

As many of you know, Jane Kim is running for School Board in San Francisco. Folks are really excited for a young, progressive, incredibly talented individual like Jane to step up...

Jane offers a progressive vision and a commitment to engaging ideas and a fresh perspective. Jane?s background in community work will ensure the school board becomes more accessible to youth, to parents, and to the community at large.

More information about School Board Candidate Jane Kim at http://www.janekim.org

Added by minjungkim on July 21, 2004