425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

****** Sorry, due to a conflict of a course I'm taking that day, I'll need to cancel this months SF Video Edit. ******

But there will be one next month!


Usually you edit alone, now you don't have to:

Bring your edit laptop (Mac or PC) and
* Work on a project by yourself with others are around;
* Go over edits with others;
* Look at edit, give suggestions and get ideas;
* Learn how to build a blog to showcase your video works;
* Take a break, have a drink and talk.

A projector for Mac laptops is available to screen works. Power, wifi and drinks provided.

Contact Enric, [email protected] or Jay Dedman, [email protected] for any questions.

For questions on SF Video Edit, join it's Google Group, http://groups.google.com/group/sf-video-edit

Official Website: http://sfvideoedit.org

Added by Enric on October 13, 2007



Next time, can you change the name to include "Cancelled"? It helps a lot in event-list views.


Thanks, Raines! Next time I'll do that.