425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

Usually you edit alone, now you don't have to:

Bring your edit laptop (Mac or PC) and
* Work on a project by yourself with others are around;
* Go over edits with others;
* Look at edit, give suggestions and get ideas;
* Learn how to build a blog to showcase your video works;
* Take a break, have a drink and talk.

A projector for Mac laptops is available to screen works. Power, wifi and drinks provided.

Contact Enric, [email protected] or Jay Dedman, [email protected] for any questions.

For questions on SF Video Edit, join it's Google Group, http://groups.google.com/group/sf-video-edit

Official Website: http://sfvideoedit.org

Added by Enric on September 15, 2007



I'll bring a PC-compatible (VGA) projector if I can. Maybe actually get some editing done this time!


Cool, Raines; thanks for contributing!
I want to do a short excursion to South Park around 6, while there's still sun (like for 20-30 mins.) And, separately, whoever wants can show their editing methods.


Does this one really not start until 4 PM? I expected earlier, based on past ones.


Yes, we moved the event to the evening since most editors work at night...


Did anyone have a problem getting up to Citizen Space for the edit?


I didn't have a problem, other than not being able to make it. Hope to try for next month! You'll have one next month, right?


Yea, probably on the 27th of Oct. I'll post a message here when it's up.