1 Market Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California

April's SF Tech Sessions event brings together three companies changing the way people communicate online. Each company will present for 15 minutes with lots of participation from attendees.

Meebo allows users to IM using multiple chat clients from within a web page. Userplane supplies Flash-powered chat software (including text, audio, and video) to social networks, dating sites, and other online properties that would like to have their own multimedia chat experience. Linden Lab created an entire virtual world called Second Life, allowing users to define an avatar, virtual location, and some tie-ins to the real world while chatting or exploring.

Please RSVP for this free event by leaving a comment on the event blog. Building security needs a list of names to speed up entry and know who is less likely to go postal.

Official Website: http://sftechsessions.com/2006/04/timely-conversations/

Added by niallk on April 26, 2006