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Saturday, December 4th, 2010

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup



::: MAGDA ::: "From The Fallen Page" World Tour
(M_nus . Items & Things . Fabric : Berlin)

What more to say than...finally! After years of trying, we are
overjoyed to present one of our most-wanted DJs in her long-
awaited [KONTROL] debut. Loved throughout the world as
Richie Hawtin's right-hand woman and called the "First Lady
of Minimal" on her recent Essential Mix, Magda arrives hot
on the tail of her debut artist album, "From the Fallen Page"
for a proper headlining set, on a proper sound system, in the
wee hours of the night. As it should be.

::: MARC HOULE - live ::: "Drift" World Tour
(M_nus . Items & Things . Soniculture : Berlin)

Another artist we've wanted to book for a long while, Marc
Houle has been a staple of the M_nus crew since the get go,
and is certainly one of its most prolific. Known for his bleepy,
stripped down, retro-influenced sound, Marc's live sets
regularly draw upon a huge volume of unreleased work,
making each set a one-of-a-kind experience never to be
heard again. Don't miss him in his San Francisco debut!

with residents:

ALLAND BYALLO *visiting from Berlin!*
(Poker Flat . Liebe*Detail . Dirt Crew)

(Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil . Magnificent 7)

(S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)

(Mothership . Platform . ESDJCO)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20

FREE before 11pm!




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Berlin is a fickle friend, a city that throws up unlimited scope and unseen perils in equal measures. A muse to some - spurring them on to new heights of creativity, a vampireís kiss to others - intoxicating at first, it eventually sucks them dry, leaving a hollow shell with nothing left but dreams of what might have been. Luckily, Magda already had something of the night about her when she arrived in 2003 and, liberated from the clutches of New Yorkís draconian attitude to club culture, she took to the Berlin underground like a fish to water. The notorious Beatstreet afterhour parties got the energy coursing through her veins once more and she immediately set about reevaluating and redefining her relationship to the music.

An intense flurry of activity followed. Together with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle, Magda began exploring new production possibilities, honing her turntable skills and extending her dj sets in order to satisfy the insatiable appetites of Berlinís club kids. The transition was by no means straight forward, taking both time and dedication but the hybrid sound that emerged, drawing inspiration from the twin towers of Berlin and Detroit, has gone on to capture the imagination of clubbers the world over.

In this sense, last yearís mix compilation Sheís a Dancing Machine represents the first volume of her audio-biography and sums up the ambition that drives this diminutive figure behind the decks. Somehow finding the time to throw down an epic 70 track, multi-layered excursion between the 130 shows she clocked up in 2006 (never mind the afterhours) really cemented her reputation, topping off a year that also saw her hold successful residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach), Technique (Leeds) and Fuse (Brussels) plus numerous appearances at festivals around the globe such as Lowlands, Sonar, The Detroit Music Festival and Mutek.

Yet despite reaching the enviable position of being able to choose her gigs, there is no room for complacency. Shouldering the increasing weight of expectation she has come to expect the unexpected, in fact adversity has often propelled her on to greater things. Thereís also a sense of duty to keep pushing the envelope and this year sheíll be expanding her set-up to incorporate new technology in addition to the delay pedals and edits that already give her sets their distinctive flavour. Itís a move that should blur the boundaries between studio production and live performance even further and will no doubt help formulate ideas for her upcoming album which promises to be another continuous exploration into deep, dark, minimal disco. However before that thereís a string of remixes to enjoy for 2007 including Heartthrobís Baby Kate (Minus), Gotham Road by Ryan Crosson (Trapez) and Louderbach (Underline). Itís also worth keeping an eye on Items and Things, the new label from Magda, Marc and Troy thatís home to their more abstract, off the wall creations.

Someone once saidÇ the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Well, Magda has definitely put in the work although sheís happier leaving the definition of success to others. The arrival is superfluous. Just like her late night musical excursions, itís the journey thatís important and with it the desire to maintain the high standards she sets and feed the creative hunger within - if thatís also good enough for us, then so be it.

-- Neville Attree 2007


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Magda mixes on Soundcloud

Video: Magda @ Love Family Park 2010



Marc Houle grew up in Windsor, Canada with computer games on the brain, New Wave music in his ears, and Detroit as his back yard. Influenced early on by the synthesized sounds of Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, his love for technology-tinted music was then supplemented in the early 90ís warehouse and clubs of Detroit with a first-class weekly education in Techno from the founders of the genre.

In 1997 he began a residency at Richie Hawtinís club ë13 Belowí where he hosted a New Wave night accompanied by classic video game consoles for the crowd. It was there that he met Minimal Technoís first lady, Magda, who then became his lodger and studio companion. It was during their years living together that she would insist to be given edits of his synth-laden productions to suit her own more minimal Techno tastes. Eventually Hawtin himself heard the stripped-down versions of Marcís work and asked him to join the legendary Minus label.

Marc, apart from having the most recognizably retro sound on the label, may also be the most prolific of the crew, having produced thousands of songs in his career. This is also what makes Marcís live sets so truly unique, with approximately half of all the music he plays being his own unreleased repertoire; no two sets could ever be the same, except in their ability to impress the crowd.

Be on the look out for more of Marcís diverse musical roots showing through in productions from his own label Items & Things, plus more to come on Minus label.


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Marc Houle sets on Soundclound

Video: Marc Houle live @ Fabric 2009




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