Beach St & The Embarcadero
San Francisco, California 94133

(NOTE: Santas, remember to pack zombie repellent.)


Gather your Elves.
Fluff your Reindeer.
Be jowly.
Don your gay apparel.

Santa is on the move.

This is the firm date and will not change, rain or shine.

* A Santa suit held together with zip ties and sticky remains of beverages and bodily fluids from last year’s Santarchy. (NOT just a santa hat.)
* CASH for drinks, bribes and tips (TIP YOUR BARTENDERS. Santa tips well.)
* $5.50 for ferry (if coming from Oakland)
* $1.50 for MUNI (in quarters) (MUNI has NO CHANGE MACHINES)
* An unmarked drinking vessel for beverages to supplement bar drinks
* Santafication tools (to make others into Santas).
* A ball
* Toys/gifts (Naughty and Nice)
* Mistletoe
* Niblets (optional)
* Lube and condoms (elf size too if you’re into that sort of thing)
* Sex toys
* The Baby Jesus
* Comfortable shoes - because Rudolph will become too drunk to cart your sorry ass around.
* Warm clothes - Santa goes all night long


Oakland (pre Santarchy)
* 8:30-9am - East Bay Gathering
Heinhold's First and Last Chance Saloon 56 Jack London Square, Oakland
* 10:00am- Ferry Trip
Oakland to SF Pier 41
Don't be late or you'll be waiting for about 2 hours for the next ferry.
Purchase tickets onboard the ferry - $5.50 One Way

SF (Main event)
* 10:30am - Santa: The Gathering. Carousel @ Pier 39. Santas get on for ½ price: $1.50
* 11:30am - Santarchy begins, disembarking from Pier 39. Destination: ???
* Late nite - Santarchy afterparty, BOOTIESF @ DNA Lounge til 3 a.m., no cover for fully-dressed Santas, Ms. Clauses and elves:


Be jowly.

Don't fuck with KIDS
Don't fuck with THE LAW
Don't fuck with SECURITY

Tag yer photos/video/etc: santarchysf06

Official Website:

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Note: I am -not- organizing this or in charge of it. (You are.)


This sounds intense.


SANTARCHY Afterparty?

We'd like to offer:

People dressed fully as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus or one of Santa's elves get in free at BootieSF that night.

We already have listed that anyone in a Santa hat gets a free Bootie CD!

BootieSF Holiday Party is Dec 9th 9pm at DNA Lounge.


So don't fuck with kids, sure, but I just wanted to pitch this, and if I come off a nutter please blame the $3.99 wine at Andronico's...but imagine this: A couple dozen santas (or, er, 15, with 31 watching, and personally I think 31 people showing up to watch 15 drunken santas is almost more interesting than the santas themselves) appear in the santa-area of the mall and set up shop (folding chairs, mini-christmas trees, etc) to COMPETE with the mall (read: Underpaid, about to commit homicide at any moment) santa: Zombie santa, Hannukah santa, anti-globalization santa, The Government Is Trying To Kill Me Because I Know THE TRUTH About The Alien Conspiracy Being Perpetrated By Ronald Reagans Immortal & Superintelligent Genitals Santa, etc.

Gimmicky and vague, but I guess I'd just love to do something that would give kids a kick...I saw a stat somewhere that only 40% of children want to sit on santa's lap; go to any mall and watch the line and you'll see that a lot of the lil un's are bored out of their minds, and that's certainly what I remembered: Why do I have to sit on the lap of some poor sap in a costume so a picture can be taken? Why am I telling him what I want for Christmas when both he and I (or at least I, and I hope very much he) know that he has no control over the swag I receive? Why can't something INTERESTING happen? Anything near kids (or perhaps anything that monkeywrenches sacred mall rituals) is iffy, but I had to put it out there.


Did I read this right? in the AM?


Getting drunk before noon? What better way to honor the Baby J .?


What about us bad santas that can't get it up before noon? Any chance for an afternoon rendezvous? (Zeitgeist again at 3 or 4:00??)


to f.l.d.: no set meeting place/time in the afternoon. if you want a less anarchic gathering go to the mall. otherwise, meet us 11:30 or earlier, or get the mobile phone # of a friend who's going

(f.l.d. you're really working hard at being lazy.. we already answered you on tribe. now run and get me a scotch on the rocks.)


and yes its in the a.m. cheers!


to c.b.: thanks.

(c.b. yeah, I guess it's more of an early-morning-lazy thing than a general-lazy thing. I'll see you Saturday w/ my penance in a glass for your imbibing enjoyment.)


this is what its all about:


is that a smurf hat in his left hand??!!!


of sorts.